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Helen Lin Headshot for Website

Doctor Helen Lin


B.VisSci, M.ClinOptom

Helen’s journey in eyecare began when studying Optometry at UNSW. She graduated with distinction in 2023, and in 2024 she embraced a new chapter of her career in Gunnedah.

Helen has a keen interest in eye disease management, children’s vision and contact lenses. She has shown a commitment to quality rural healthcare through completing her preceptorship with the Brien Holden Vision Institute across various rural locations in NSW and placements at the Australian College of Optometry. Helen is also therapeutically endorsed, allowing her to prescribe medications for anterior eye diseases, infections and injuries. 

Driven by the sincere desire to make a positive impact, Helen gains personal satisfaction in finding solutions for her patients while placing their wellbeing at the forefront. Outside the clinic, you might spot her exploring Gunnedah and its surrounding towns, genuinely seeking to connect with and contribute to the local community.

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