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Children’s vision at Vision Splendid (13)

Children’s vision at Vision Splendid

Children’s optometrists

Don't let your kids fall behind! From the time they are born until they graduate from university, your children require clear vision to succeed. Our children's optometrists at Vision Splendid perform complete eye exams to discover any vision abnormalities that may impede your child’s learning. Without an eye check, vision disorders in children often go undiagnosed. This is because children do not typically mention vision difficulties as they believe everyone else sees the same way they do. In fact, visual impairments affect 5-10% of pre-schoolers and 1 in 5 school-aged children. This disrupts their learning and focus in the classroom, causing them to fall behind their peers.

When should my child have an eye exam?

You may be wondering as a parent or guardian when your child should get their eyes tested. Your child's first eye examination should occur when they are 3 years old, unless you have any concerns earlier. This is to ensure that your child's eyes and learning development are not being harmed by an eye turn or a high prescription. It's also to make sure the retina (the eye's light-sensing tissue) is in good shape. If the results of this early check are normal, another check should be done at three years of age and then again before year 1.

Why are children’s eye exams important?

To succeed in school, children must have effective and efficient eye skills. Given that visual information accounts for 80% of the information provided during learning, their eyes sure do get a workout! For reading and learning, the eyes must work well together, focus quickly from far away to close up and back again, maintain stable focus when reading books and move smoothly while reading along a line. If any of these visual skills are lacking, a child may spend more time attempting to see rather than learning. The best chance for success is early intervention.

Are you due for an eye examination?

The optometrists at Vision Splendid would be happy to perform a routine eye check-up for you if you haven't had your vision and eye health tested in a while. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our specialist eye care centres.

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