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Eye examinations at Vision Splendid (2)

Eye examinations at Vision Splendid

About your eye examination

At Vision Splendid, we aim for your eye and vision test to be a pleasant, educational and comfortable experience. Routine eye exams are essential for maintaining the health of your eyes. They are also essential for diagnosing common eye-related medical conditions, general health conditions and informing the optometrist if you need to start wearing glasses or adjust your prescription.

At Vision Splendid, we have invested extensively in world-class diagnostic equipment to guarantee that you receive the best possible eye care.

We suggest that all patients under 65 get a full eye check-up every two years and over 65 get an eye check-up every year. Patients with specific requirements should have their eyes tested more frequently.

No referral is required for an appointment.

What to bring to your consultation

Medicare card or Veteran Affairs card: Medicare Card or Veteran Affairs card: We will bulk bill children under the age of 18, and those with a pension or concession card, if a current Medicare card is provided at the time of consultation, those with Veteran Affairs cards will be bulk billed.

Health Fund membership card (if you have an optical cover): We are able to make direct claims for your optical benefits from most health funds.

Payment: A 100% deposit is required when ordering spectacles. To provide you with the best possible eye care your optometrist may recommend additional services or scans that are not covered by Medicare. Payment for any non-Medicare services and scans is required on the day of your consultation.

Current spectacles, prescription sunglasses or contact lenses.

A list of any medications you are taking.

Any information you may have about any family history of eye disease or health conditions that affect the eyes.

The name of any contact lens solutions you use if you wear contact lenses.

Sunglasses: Dilating eye drops are sometimes used during consultations and you will be glare sensitive for a few hours after.

What to expect upon your arrival

We will ask you for your contact details and other important information such as your Medicare number, the name of your doctor and the name of your health fund - if you have private health insurance with optical cover.

During your consultation, your optometrist will ask you about your personal medical and ocular history, any relevant family history and examine your eyes thoroughly.

You should expect your routine eye exam at one of our optometrist locations to run around 30-45 minutes. Several tests will be performed during this consultation to enable our optometrists to analyse your eye health thoroughly and perform accurate vision and eyesight tests.

One of our trained staff may perform some pre-tests before the start of your consultation with your optometrist. These pre-tests are painless and take only a few minutes to complete. They include an estimate of your prescription and wide-field retinal photography.

After your eye examination is complete

Our optometrists will thoroughly explain their results after doing a complete evaluation of your vision and eye health. They will explain the next steps and set you on the path to clearer vision if they conclude that you need preventative or corrective therapy, such as glasses, contact lenses or orthokeratology. Rest assured that our optometrists are available to answer any inquiries you may have.

Are you due for an eye examination?

The optometrists at Vision Splendid would be happy to perform a routine eye check-up for you if you haven't had your vision and eye health tested in a while. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our specialist eye care centres.

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